About Noobiegoer

What’s up!

This site is my own personal compilation of the various things I’ve watched (obsessed?) about. I will give unbiased reviews about varied things- Like in Films, Series, Korean Dramas, & Anime. So LET’S DO THIS

I made this blog because I recently finished a series and I felt empty inside. It’s a kind of void that only a new thing to obsess about can fill. So, I find myself prowling the internet to find the next perfect thing to watch. With that, this is the purpose of Noobiegoer. For us to discover next perfect film/series to obsess about. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m a pretty wide watcher? viewer? of movies and series. From mind boggling movies, to tear-jerking films, to chick-flicks, I’ve seen it all. Don’t hesitate to recommend me your favorite, and maybe it’s my next watch.


Hope you’ll enjoy, and Happy Watching!